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Senior Pet Care

At Borash Veterinary Clinic, we want to help your senior pet live the longest, healthiest life possible. Our first recommendation is to schedule at least two visits a year for your senior pet. This is a preventive approach that helps us better control and monitor age-related conditions and medical concerns.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

An older pet may seem healthy, yet have an underlying medical condition without outward symptoms. That's why more frequent visits are important for pets once they enter their golden years! This gives us the opportunity to take a closer look using health screens such as blood work, radiography, and urinalysis.


Physical exams are helpful, but they cannot always identify underlying conditions. Blood work allows us to pinpoint health issues in senior pets such as diabetes, infection, anemia, and kidney and liver failure.


Arthritis and cancer and common conditions effecting older pets. Blood work and physical exams cannot truly diagnose these concerns, but x-rays can.


We are able to quickly analyze a urinalysis at our in-house lab. This is a helpful diagnostic test that identifies conditions such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, and kidney failure. If you observe a change in your pet's urine color, odor, or amount, or if your pet is having trouble urinating or having accidents, call us right away.

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